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The book of Jonah in four Semitic versions,

viz. Chaldee, Syriac, Aethiopic, and Arabic,

with corresponding glossaries by W. Wright (1857)

Author: Wright, William, 1830-1889
Publisher: London Williams and Norgate
Language: Polish; ygl; ot.
Call number: AAA-9814
Digitizing sponsor: University of Toronto
Book contributor: Robarts – University of Toronto
Collection: robarts; toronto

The aim of the little work now offered to the Public, is to be useful to those Students at our Universities, who, after having made some progress in Hebrew, may be anxious to gain at least a slight knowledge of the principal cognate dialects. On the advantage of such knowledge to the Theologian I need not here enlarge. Our Authorised Version of the Hebrew Scriptures is now generally acknowledged to be an indifferent one, and the call for a revised translation is daily becoming more urgent. The Masoretic Text itself is in many places obscure, in some to all appearance corrupt ; and the only means of getting over at least a part of these difficulties is the study of the other Semitic languages and the comparison of the Translations that exist in them, more especially the Aramaic and Arabic.
This volume presents to the Student one of the shortest and simplest of the Biblical Books in four of the old Oriental Versions — viz. the Chaldee, Syriac, Aethiopic, and Arabic — accompanied by Glossaries, which give not only the meaning of every word in each of the texts, but also the principal cognate vocables in the other dialects; so that a careful study of the work — brief though it be will enable the reader to arrive at a tolerably accurate comprehension of some of the principal points of resemblance and difference in the Semitic languages.

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The New Testament In Syriac

British And Foreign Bible Society

London, 1905-1920

[texts] The New Testament in Syriac
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Esta é a Peshitta editada e publicada pela British And Foreign Bible Society. Contém os 27 livros do Novo Testamento.

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