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[texts] A selection of charms from Syriac manuscripts – Gollancz, Hermann, 1852-1930
Keywords: Charms; Syriac language — Texts and translations
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Uma pequena coleção de orações, encantamentos e fórmulas mágicas em aramaico, provavelmente traduzidos do grego, e compilados a partir de dois manuscritos, um do século XV e outro do século XIX. O texto aramaico é seguido pela tradução em inglês.

O seguinte resumo é retirado da introdução:

The subject of charms, incantations, amulets and exorcisms is of so wide and comprehensive a character, that its general consideration is best left in the hands of the folk-lorist or the antiquarian.
I, therefore, do not propose on this occasion to touch upon such points as the History of charms, their origin and development. But these charms have an importance arising from the archaic language in which they are often couched: they have, consequently, a special value, apart from general historical considerations, for the ends of philology. They preserve, in some instances, unusual and ancient forms of language, protected by the sanctity ascribed to the charm itself, and by the thought that the efficacy of the charm depended upon the fixed wording of the formula.
Such charms are extremely scarce. Very few ancient manuscripts are known of Hebrew charms ; and, as regards Syriac , not one has hitherto been known to exist.

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